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Tommy MOrgan, Jr.


Comedian. Writer. Third Thing. Oh No comedy doesn't work in fours.


Tommy Morgan, Jr. is a comedian living in Des Moines, Iowa. He began performing at the age of six, when he would scream-sing selections from The Lion King in his underwear to anyone who would listen. He has done slightly better for himself lately.

Tommy has featured all over the Midwest and has hosted at the Des Moines Funny Bone and Penguins Comedy Club in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Tommy has previously been selected to the Beast Village, Floodwater, and Turnbuckle comedy festivals, and was runner-up in the 2017 Funniest Person in Iowa contest. After being selected for the festival in its first three years, Tommy joined the board of the Beast Village Comedy Festival as a producer in 2017.

Mix equal parts pop culture, wry observation, and overweight teenager and throw them from the ivory tower of the upper middle class and you have Tommy, telling jokes while becoming slightly more feral each day.

A native Iowan, Tommy thinks the Field of Dreams is a waste of perfectly good arable land. He knows all the words to Aqua's Aquarium (yes, the “Barbie Girl” band), and expects nothing less in a potential mate.

He produces and hosts a monthly show called Adult Pizza Party in Des Moines, which was voted one of Des Moines Cityview's 2017 Best Local Places to Go to a Comedy Show. Tommy's writing has appeared on McSweeney's Internet Tendency and the Daily Iowan, as well as a high-school Livejournal he really hopes he remembered to delete.


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